Saturday, October 24, 2009

Motorola Zeppelin: An Android-Based Phone with Dual-SIM Slots

Recently, Motorola has aggressively expanded their Android portfolio in many countries with China being one of them. The leaked snaps of a prototype called Zeppelin show a full touch phone with a 5MP built-in camera and dual-mode dual-SIM networking.

The Zeppelin appeared on a Chinese website and showed some intriguing features such as a 3.1-inch touch-screen with 480 x 320 pixel resolutions, 5MP camera with LED flash, HSPA capabilities, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, FM radio and HDMI output.

If the specifications that we have mentioned above looks standard to you, then you may reconsider when you notice that the Zeppelin will pack two SIM slots - one for the CDMA and another for the GSM network.

According to the rumor over the Internet, the Zeppelin is expected to be released at Q1 2010. Unfortunately, the Zeppelin is expected to hit only China.


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