Wednesday, December 15, 2010

T-Mobile G1 Receives Positive User Experience

An initial user experience evaluation of the highly anticipated T-Mobile G1 reports that T-mobile customers will be pleased with the overall mobile phone setup experience. As specialists in handset research, including extensive experience with out-of-box studies, the team focused on the user experience of setting up the T-Mobile G1 for existing T-Mobile customers.

The first of three evaluations used an existing T-Mobile account and did not evaluate activating a new service. As a Gmail account is required for set up of the T-Mobile G1, the User Centric team evaluated both experiences of setting up a Gmail account through the mobile phone as well as using an existing Gmail account.

The physical setup of the mobile phone was quick; it only took less than ten minutes to get the handset ready to be powered on. Printed materials and accessories were easily found, but the setup was easy enough to do without using the manual. One drawback, although not a show-stopper, was the difficulty opening the battery cover. However, this will likely become easier over time. Moreover, the mobile phone was not labeled for the microSD card that was hiding inside the phone.

Setup turned out to be easy and the process was clear regardless of whether the user has a Gmail account or not. On-screen tips provided during setup were helpful, and setting up a new Gmail account was similar to working online. The mobile phone was ready for use in less than ten minutes from being powered on. Overall, the out-of-box experience was admiring.

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