Monday, May 28, 2007

Alien Shooter: Vengeance

Alien Shooter Vengeance is a second sequel of Alien Shooter series. If you haven’t or never hear about this title, don’t worry, people will understand it. The original game seems like keep on “silencing”. It seems escape from the crowd of the world of games. However, the fact is not using for judging that the sequel have its characteristics. Even more, Alien Shooter: Vengeance is better than I thought.

Same like its title, your job inside the game is shooting the aliens. You will act as a mercenary that being hired by M.A.G.M.A Energy Corporation to clean some specific area from the aliens. Its sounds like boring, isn’t it? Fortunately, the game isn’t an ordinary action game, it is a RPG game. The RPG element makes Alien Shooter Vengeance even more interesting. At least, besides shoot and shooting, you can able to collect various kinds of items, doing transactions (selling or buying), up to changing the experience that able to use for upgrading attributes and skills.

By head to head, Alien Shooter Vengeance can compare to the game titled Restricted Area. Both of them have the same type as a RPG game in modern world’s setting. The different, the battle in Restricted Area seems like quiet, it’s because the number of the enemies not too really crowded at once time. This is different with Alien Shooter that able to engage many enemies at once time. The point is this game is really hot and fascinating. So, you don’t need to know about its stupid AI, just enjoy it. It’s rarely there is a game that don’t really make the player should think harder, but also exciting to be played.

The quality of the graphic is really amazing, although the character movement looks like clumsy and weird. When using the mouse to control the characters direction, it’s sometimes works asynchronously. The character seems look likes able to move forefront, but unable to look back at it’s behind. The good news is, the thing that we have just mentioned, very useful for shooting the enemies. So, if you think that the game is quite weird, people will understand it. Two thumbs for its sound quality.

To get Alien Shooter Vengeance (demo version) click here

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Anonymous said...

Interesting game! I am one of Alien Shooter geeks. Cool man! ^_^

+++ DOD2U +++

Bl4d3 said...

Awesome game!!! Its make me freaky man!!! Nice post!!!

Suray said...

Thanks for giving comment on my post. I really appreciate it!

wow wallpapers said...

nice review!

Suray said...

Thanks Bro!

SHO said...

nicely done for the review ^^... :D

Suray said...

[SHO] thanx bro!!

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