Monday, May 28, 2007

Hearth Disease

The heart is one of the body’s vital organs. We call it vital because all other tissues and organs depend on the heart’s action to provide them with blood. If the heart stops functioning for only a few minutes, changes take place, some of which cannot be repaired cells within the brain are the first to suffer damage.

More people suffer and die from heart disease than from any other ailment. Heart disease is at the top of the list, even among the three major killers that constitute the “treacherous trio”; these are heart disease, cancer, and stroke. One out of every eight adults in the many countries has some of heart ailment. Probably many others have minor degrees of heart disease without realizing it. Heart disease is not only attack an old, but also young people.

Of the several forms of heart disease, some are more serious than others. Some strike suddenly, causing premature death or invalidism. Others allow their victims to linger for years with reduced vitality.

It is coronary heart disease, the one that causes the typical “heart attack”, that has increased so tragically in recent years and that accounts for the greatest number of death by far.

The two principal reasons why heart disease has increased so dramatically during the present century are these: First, people live longer now than formerly. The infectious diseases that caused so many deaths a few decades ago are now under virtual control. The resulting longer life expectancy allows time for the tissues of the body, including those of the heart and blood vessels, to deteriorate. Thus, many cases of heart disease now belong to the group of “wear-out diseases.” Second, the changing of life-style includes several heart-destroying practices that set the stage for the wear-out diseases, especially heart disease.

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Anonymous said...

Hearth attack have been the worse thing in my life. We need to do a lot of good diet methods. We should prevent our life from such disease.

** Donald M. McCorthly **

Miss Cutie said...

Hi. Heart disease is a very dangerous ailment and we should take preventive actions before it is too late. One suggestion, to maintain a healthy heart, try eating oatmeals on a daily basis, especially for people with high cholesterol. For more information on how to find remedies using herbs, please visit my blog Thank you

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