Sunday, June 24, 2007

Badge: Logo for Your Own Personal Blog

When the first time that I founded this blog, I have no idea about the functions of the badge. As the time running on, I have spent many times to visit other blogs, its makes me more clearly about what and for what the function of these badges. I must grateful with the existence of free blog directory sites, such as MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, BumpZee, and etc. Those sites have provided me clear information to track my own blog visitors, in case in the further time, it makes me possible to visit their own blog too. In this moment, I would like to thank to them (free blog directory sites) for providing nice widgets that make the photos of this blog visitors to be appeared, you should note that you must be a member of them to get your photo to be appeared on these widgets.

I have spent many times for visiting other people’s blogs, its enables me to know what kind of badges that they have put on their own blog. Some of those badge providing a rank, base on the number of visitors that visiting the blog that putting the badge on their own blog with continually. Some of those badge enables the members of the site that provide the badge to become an affiliate program member that will get a point if there is a user that clicking the badge and sign up to be a new member of the site. Other badges enable the blog that put those badges to be voted by the visitors of its blog. Other badges are used as a tool for promoting a site and link-exchange program. Some of those badge is used as an appreciation because its blog have already being served by the site that provide the badge, for the example, our own blog have indexed on the site that provide the badge. Other badge is put on the blog because it is looks so nice and eye catchy. The last thing that I have mentioned has the function to beautify the space of your own blog.

Putting a SurayBlog's badge on your site? Why not? Let everybody know that this blog is exists, don't hesitate to copy and paste the following code into your page:

SurayBlog - Shout Portal

I like to collect interesting badges, especially if I have registered and indexed as a member of the site that provide the badge. I am thinking; why am I not creating a badge for my own personal blog? Therefore, I designed a badge personally with the help of the picture editor software; I used Adobe Photoshop to make the badge. The badge size is determined by your own taste. However, if you want me to suggest it, it is better to make your badge smaller. The smaller badge can shorten the time to load your blog pages. For this blog, I made a badge with the size: 80 pixels (width) and 15 pixels (height). The size is not too big and too small. I suggesting the picture format of its badge to be better to save in .gif or .png format than .jpg/.jpeg, it is because the size of its file of .gif or .png extension is smaller than .jpg/.jpeg.

Sometimes, picture can express a million of meaning. Based on this statement, the badge for this blog is provided to enable other bloggers to point to this blog. Therefore, who knows that in the further time, they might want to visit our own blog, they just have to get a single click at the badge that we have provided to our own blog. Take a time to make a badge for your own blog, shout to the world that your blog is truly exists.

By the way, if you feel that this blog is useful and meaningful for you, and the badge that I have made is suitable to be put on your own blog, please do not hesitate to copy the code at the side of this post into your own blog pages. Manage it with the touch of your own taste. Finally, I would like to thank you for reading this post that far away from perfectness.

Thank you for visiting SurayBlog


Susie said...

great idea! I am looking to do something similar myself. :)

SolidSnake said...

Kenapa logonya Suray?? Apa artinya? Apa sursoft sudah ganti ke suray?

Suray said...

[Susie] Good job, I wish you good luck! Thanks for your comment!

Suray said...

[solidsnake] Hi bro, long time no see? How's going on with you? Well bro, sursoft has already changed to suray, my own name :D

SolidSnake said...

Biasa saja, antara baik dan buruk, ha3.. Sukses ya Suray[soft]-nya!

Suray said...

Thanks SolidSnake, I am waiting for you!

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