Thursday, June 28, 2007

RPG Game: Dawn of Magic

Compared with another similar RPG games, Dawn of Magic is bringing some different point of views by putting a lot of concern in the use of spell and magic. Not only that, the class characters on this game can sound so weird. Four character types on this game that can be played, those are Awkward Scholar, Stout Friar, Weird Gypsy and Baker’s Wife. Each of them has their own specialization. Awkward Scholar is the master on magic attack, but not good in melee attack. On the other hand, Baker’s Wife is very amazing in melee attack, but narrow on the ability of magic attack. Both of the other classes have the abilities between Awkward Scholar and Baker’s Wife, or you might say that they are balance on the melee and magic attack.

Like the other similar games, the flow of Dawn of Magic story is easy to understand. An evil force has a will to control the entire world. However, do not worry it, because you are allowed to stand in a good or bad side. You even can choose as neutral. To be a neutral, it is means that you must conquer all sides. An interesting option, you might say that gives an addition to the replay-value of this game.

The improvement of the characters and the aspect of this RPG game, has no big different with other similar game like Diablo. The most attractive thing on this game is the changing of the physic of your own character according to the characteristic of specialize spell. For example, your character will show up a horn and flaming feet path if you are choosing the Fire Magic specialty. If you use different types of spell/magic, then many effects will show up from its body; twelve kind of spells/magic that can be chosen. Now, I think that you can imagine it yourself.

Yet, the graphic of this game can be another interesting advantage that can able to attract someone to play it. The city on Dawn of Magic is described as a very large city with many NPCs. You can interact with the NPCs to have addition quests. Unfortunately, the quality of the sound seems like unsatisfying.

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negrito said...

Mmmhh.. Maybe worth trying then?

Suray said...

[negrito] Yeah, you should try it bro!

SHO said...

hmmm imo this game can be an interesting cuz off the concept
but i truly don't like the genre of the game . . .

Suray said...

[SHO] people have their own choice!!

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