Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Animal Life: The Story of Ant Colony

Ant is a common name for social insect of the family Formicidae, in the order Hymenoptera, which also includes the bees and the wasps. Unlike bees and wasps, some species of which are solitary, all ants are to be distinguished from the so-called white ants, or termites, constituting the separate order Isoptera.

In most ant species, males remain winged throughout life, and females are winged until after mating. Certain wingless females, called workers, are usually infertile. The fertilized female becomes the queen of the colony, with the main function of laying eggs. The males die after mating, and the workers gather food, care for the species of ants commonly consist of chambers and galleries excavated under stones or logs or underground; some species construct their nests in mounds of earth and vegetable matter or in decayed trees.

The ant family contains more than 4500 described species, widely distributed in temperate and tropical countries. The ant body consists of head, thorax, and abdomen, with the abdomen articulated to the thorax by means of an abdominal pedicel, or stalk.

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dani said...

I'm sorry.. this is too technical for me.. i got C for my biology paper.. anyway, it is good inside on ant..

Suray said...

Hey bro, thanks for your respond, anyway, we don't judge people because of their knowledge. Sometime, people telling me that I'm a geek, let me tell you something, "so what!!". People have their own opinion. Who care? You got C in your Biology, it doesn't mean that you are not capable in another subject :D Be Cool!

Anang said...

gambarnya baguss... itu njepret sendiri apa gimana? bisa deket banget

suray said...

Boleh nyomot ama permainan Photoshop bang... :D

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