Thursday, July 19, 2007

Historical Relic: Ancient Armor Short Review

Armor is any equipment of various materials, but generally of metal, used to protect a body in combat, covering for the body, worn when fighting. The oldest of protective devices is the shield; the earliest body armor was a wide belt to protect the abdomen.

Ancient armor in ancient Egypt (c. 3000 BC) was a belt that was developed into a wraparound garment extending from armpits to knees, reinforced by quilting, and held up by shoulder straps. In Syria (c. 1400 BC), ancient armor was a form of their own national costume, a sleeved shirt, was reinforced with bronze scales and used as armor for charioteers, who with both hands occupied were unable to hold a shield. The scales were sewn onto a fabric backing or were laced together in flexible rows of lamellae. Helmets, in the form of tight-fitting caps of beaten copper, were first used of ancient armor by the Sumerians (c. 3000 BC). In Assyrian, the form of ancient armor was Assyrian helmets. Assyrian helmets were conical bronze caps with small earflaps.

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