Monday, July 30, 2007

Blogging: Post Your Original Thinking Ideas

Since the first time of the era of blogging until now, there is one thing that never change, it will always remains in such a constant way, which is the change. Originality is something that definitely precious among the bloggers. For the probloggers, trying to analyze some writing articles whether is genuine or not is piece a cake. However, most of us are trapped with those articles that are considered as unoriginal thinking resources that are very impressing us with such keywords like money, rich, ads, earn, dollar, wealth or whatever.

Weird, this reality world is fulfilled with fakeness. No doubt, the world of internet also got an impact of such perception. People love to post other people contents in their own blogs than try to improve themselves in the skill of writing. This is a big fact, bloggers most likely choosing the activity of blogging as an earning money area than putting the activity as an instrument to improve their attitude in the skill of writing. The skill of writing is necessary considered as a core skill that must be mastered by the blogger.

Naturally, a blogger want to catch out other people impression, known well by other people because he or she is expert in writing their own original thinking ideas. However, the fact is bloggers seem to be proud of being the followers than being the leaders. They are afraid of walking in their own direction. The term of fear has made them preferring to put themselves among the crowd than initiating new resources of thinking to awake other bloggers consciousness.

Whether you are a neither amateur nor professional blogger (problogger), we should feel shame if we launching a blog that the contents are fully fake (not our original thinking resources) that are not expressing the ideas of ourselves. To be a blogger, someone should following the rules of blogging. A blogger must put him or her as an example for the other bloggers. A blogger should not establish a blog just for the sake of money.

No one forces someone to be a blogger. A blogger is a symbol of freedom to express our original thinking ideas, which for other people might be useful. Being a blogger is a noble choice. A blogger spread out their thinking ideas in such matters for the sake of the prosperity of humankind that are thirsty for the sake of knowledge. However, this is the most difficult stage that not all bloggers can do it.

As a blogger, we need to improve ourselves to write articles as much as we can that born from our original thinking ideas. People will know about you. Monetize your blog is not a sin. However, tragically, most of the people are not improving their skills in thinking and writing. Are we deserved to be called as a favorite blogger?

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Zuggenberg said...

Human thinking and perception are really important, to put ourselves as a good writer, it is our burden to write contents that truly stress on the originality aspect.

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