Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blogger: Business Company Reputation Disturber

There are million of blogs out there, those blogs are continuing to growth on the internet world. People are making their own blog in the various themes, making those blogs truly exist in diversity. There are many fans out there establishing their own blog to be consumed for a group of people or in the global term. Blog has already recognized as a powerful media for the bloggers to express what they feel interesting to share for other. This term has added a good point for the diversity of blogs on the internet world.

Much kind of topics has been presenting by the bloggers. Those topics are being posted by the bloggers to inform to the people about what they feel useful to be known for other. Sharing information in free is the characteristic of the blog existence. By the time goes on, many arguments are appeared in connection with the blog existence. Some of them feel glad and the other do not feel glad. Nowadays, many people considering the blog existence can harm the reputation of the business company, which is the place where the blogger works or other companies that do not have any relation with the blogger.

A blog has been presenting as field to express uncomfortable feeling of somebody to the company that considered providing unsatisfied services. The blogger posts it in their own blog, giving a bad review about the company, other people will read it, know it, and no doubt, that it will harm the reputation of that business company. On the other hand, these posts are doubling the danger impact of the company if the blogger is working as it internal employee. Clearly, this movement can ruin the business company reputation. This matter will be considered that the employee has directly violating the rule of trust that has given by the company as the employer. The company even can fired and sue this employee for such bad behavior.

Blog is used as an authentic evidence for the problems that happened in the place, which the employee is working. Many bloggers are telling about discrimination in the place where he or she is working, they have received the disadvantage, they have lost their own responsibility feeling for the business company that has been hiring them. Is it true that the blogger is the really disturber of the business company reputation?

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Jim Cornely said...

When speaking about freedom, bloggers have a legitimation of their activities. Bloggers are most like other journalists, but they are not in official term. They give information to others. If the readers think that the information are not interesting, they are not force to accept it. They can leave it.

Suray said...

Good input for other bloggers. Thanks bro!

Jean Chia said...

hi suray, great looking new button! wer's ur cbox?

Suray said...

I've get rid of it... (perhaps for permanently), thanks Jean for visiting :D

Nathanael said...

Each person has his/her own right to speak! None of us can force someone to shut his/her own mouth and stop blogging.

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