Friday, July 27, 2007

Masterseek: A New B2B Search Engine

Today, many of search engines are provided for use to retrieve information that we can use to determine the movement of our business in further time. To support this idea, many people are trying to provide some solution to establish this goal. One of those players is Masterseek. Surfing on the internet has make me realize that reviewing other sites and recommend it to the others is a good step to help people to gain a benefit of blogging. Yes, Masterseek, a global search engine that just established, trying to provide quick and free access to retrieve company profiles, contact information, and descriptions of products and service.

According to Masterseek’s official site, this company is trying to be the world’s largest and most comprehensive B2B search engine that establishes contact between buyers and suppliers worldwide. Masterseek’s unique web technology enables companies to obtain detailed information regarding global, national, regional, or local markets and their actors. Moreover, Masterseek has tried to support the information retrieving for 45 million companies in 75 countries. To get a better view of search, we can select to search just include our own country search to get a specific needs. To gain the benefit of internet booming, Masterseek is also supporting a worldwide search for business to business relationship advantage. Sure, a company can find its business partners, sales opportunities and new avenues to expand their business and increase their own profitability.

When the first time Masterseek established, it provides a service of listing your company profile to include in their database, this action need a cost for US$ 199.00 for a year. We need to enter our company profile and showcase our products and service (optional) to the global community. According to Masterseek’s, we able to reach the potential of 90.000 unique b2b visitors on – every day! The system is triggered based on keywords of the profile of its customers and published under the right categories.

The good news, now, Masterseek has announced new valuable offering. Submission price has cut into a US$ 0.00. Yeah, it’s free of charge. I’ve submitted my company’s profile there. I hope, as soon as possible, I will get an email that telling about my company are listed there. So, nothing to loose to try to list your company now, be apart of world wide companies.

I've been email by them:

Fri, 27 Jul 2007 09:30:18 +0200

Dear Suray,
Welcome to Masterseek Membership
You have just requested to create or update your company information on

Within 72 hours your request will be validated and processed by our
content managers and made available online.

In the unlikely case that we encounter validation problems while
processing your request, we will contact you personally as to solve the issue
to your satisfactory.

Questions for Masterseek Membership
If you have received this email by mistake, or you have general
questions regarding your Masterseek Membership you can contact our support
staff at

Best regards,
Customer Relations

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Jimmy said...

Hi Suray, I've sign up this program, but I haven't receiving any confirmation from Masterseek! I think it would be better to sign up with money than free. Masterseek will ignore new member that come without any cash.

Suray said...

@Jimmy: I haven't got any information too from Masterseek, but I think it because they are still a new player here, so they need to settle up their systems first. It is just the matter of time.

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