Thursday, July 26, 2007

Search Engine Innovation: Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have made themselves as The Big Three on the internet business. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft are continuing to enlarge their services.

Google: Expansion in Game

Google has changed. Started from a small company, turn into a huge company that dominating on the internet. One thing that has never changed, Google always put its features a step in front of its competitors.

Google still put its main foundation in the ad marketing. Google doubling the power of marketing and advertisement by implementing its genius systems spread out all over its power servers. Google is continuing to hire the very best human resource all over the world. Google maximize the idea on putting banners on the internet. No doubt that Google is the market leader. Now, Google won’t stop its move by placing the ad inside in the game software packages.

Google is realizing its idea to be the first and the foremost on the internet business by acquiring AdSpace. Google has a goal to show contextual ad that match and proper with the game that it used to fulfill this innovative thinking.

Google also emphasizing its services on the service that very useful for the drivers by developing the system named Google Traffic. Google Traffic can show up the actual condition of traffic in the roads on the Google Maps. Google Traffic service is only available in the United States.

Yahoo: Smart Search – oneSearch Campaign

On the other hand, Yahoo is count on it technology for mobile users. Yahoo put its concern on the benefit of its service for mobile tools such as cell phone. Yahoo is also developing specific search engine for cell phone users. According to the German Yahoo Director, Terry von Bibra, the users are hopping to get a different experience in mobile-search than searching through personal computer.

oneSearch is one of the Yahoo services, oneSearch able to display complete information not from the one by one searching method. For the example, if a user is entering “California” keyword in the searching criteria text box, then the first information that it will appear is the official site of it State of California, then California Tourism, etc. All these information are the first information that we do really need if we are entering a new place that we haven’t visited yet.

Microsoft: The Only Innovation is Window Life Folder

Microsoft is continuing to combine all its internet services in the label of “Live”. Microsoft belief that their technology can bring much more benefit in Live. Unfortunately, Microsoft is not really innovative as I though. The only innovation is Windows Live Folder that offering a capacity until 500 MB on the internet for the users (still in beta version).

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George M. said...

Unfortunately, I always get a lot of searching term that don't exactly displaying what I need. I need more better search engine that those search engines.

Suray said...

As far as I know, there are no more companies that can beat them :|

Mike said...

@suray: No one can beat the shit of Google....!!!

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