Monday, August 27, 2007

Toyota and Sony Partnership in Robotics

On August 27, Toyota and Sony, two of Japan’s biggest technology names, are collaborating in robotics, both side have had an agreement yesterday, they will develop an innovative, intelligent, single-seat vehicle.

In this partnership, Toyota Motor Corp. would not fund Sony Corp. to continue the development of Aibo dog robot. According to Sony’s spokesperson, Tomio Takizawa, Sony Corp.’s technology for Aibo is still being kept in-house at the Japanese electronic and entertainment company.

Last year, Sony had decided to end its Aibo business as a strategy of major restructuring program at time it had been losing money in its core electronics business operation. This decision had been disappointing many robot fans, especially in Japan. Sony only sold 150,000 of the toy poodle-sized machine since they were first introduced in 1999; this movement has made some owners, emotionally attached to their mechanical pets.

Toyota and Sony to develop New Intelligent Vehicle

Toyota has acquired various kinds of Sony’s technology earlier in this year, including key patents, which is applies to the next-generation “transporter”. According to Toyota’s representative, Kayo Doi, In their new partnership, firstly, seven Sony’s researchers are temporarily working in Toyota’s robot research unit for helping the process of relaying Sony’s technology to Toyota.

Toyota’s i-swing: Single-Seat Vehicle for Personal Mobility

Toyota has shown a futuristic-looking single-seat vehicle called i-swing at many events. This movement is a counter attack to General Motors Corp., which is a world biggest player in vehicle area that has also shown humanoids that able to walk and play a trumpet.

Toyota’s i-swing is a new concept of a personal mobility vehicle. It can travel in either two-wheel mode when traversing a busy sidewalk or “swing” into three-wheel mode for fashioned street racing. Toyota’s i-swing is proposing a new concept that uses artificial intelligence to enable itself to learn and develop itself according to the habits and preferences of it users. The details of the single-seat vehicle itself are light, however, it seems that i-swing has met it general description.

Toyota’s TPR-Robina: Fancy Robotic Servant

At the same day, Toyota is also introducing TPR-Robina, a womanlike robot-on-wheels that has developed by them. Toyota’s TPR-Robina is a womanlike robot that has a fancy haircut and skirt. As soon as Toyota has already had it momentum, they will penetrate the robotic technology into its vehicle products.

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ChiewFan said...

What do you think about the future of the robotic industry? Can this partnership improve Sony's revenue?

Suray said...

The future of robotic is always get a lot of improvement for all humankind. The partnership between Toyota and Sony will strengthen both of them.

I'm not sure with the future of Sony, Sony seems has weakened, the fact is Sony is slightly more powerful in their business day to day.

Sony always doing research day to day. They will always be the pioneer. On the other hand, Toyota has gotten a lot of power to put itself as a major player in automotive industry. Penetrate robotic technology in automotive industry.

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