Monday, September 3, 2007

Palm Teaser Hints: Centro Launch for Europe

Rumor on the internet has told me that Palm has managed to pull its new gadget on September 12, 2007. The rumor is come from a teaser page from the European Palm site that concerning about the new Palm smart phone. The page indicates the 12/09/07. However, it does not specify if this is the date of launch or not.

From the European Palm's official site, I got an information states below:

"The new Palm® smartphone. The word is, it's great for email, mobile internet, instant messaging, text and - with a full keyboard - saying what you really mean.

Sign up now and you'll be the first to know all about the latest cool phone from Palm on
12th September 2007. Not only that, you'll automatically be in with a chance to win five of the brilliant new Palm® smartphones. That's one for you and the other four for your friends, family, colleagues or whomever you want to impress."

From the page, it tells that the residents of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy are available to enter a competition, in which they can win five new smart phones, for themselves and friends.

People are thinking that this is only speculation, to get more information, you need to visit its official site.

Palm Centro Leaked Snapshot

Lately, Palm Centro has been driving a lot of attention of many gadget freaks all over the world. A first leaked press snapshot of this gadget has already spread all over the Internet. The full QWERTY keypad will be complimented by a touch-screen in a very reasonable price, about US$ 99.

The choice of Palm Centro’s operating system might Window Mobile standard for Palm. Unfortunately, the first people that would hand on this gadget will be European. We need to wait for their next latest news.

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