Monday, September 3, 2007

Samsung Croix Face 2 Face Against Apple iPhone

Nowadays, there are more cell phones, smart phones or whatever so-called, using touch-screen technology as its main user interface, such as LG Prada KE850 or HTC Touch. iPhone has been the phenomenal in United States, and more of its competitors try to add more functionality to their products to against iPhone.

Actually, I am sick of hearing devices that so-called iPhone’s rival or whatever, the truth is the products only offer some features at iPhone and cannot coverage all to compete against iPhone. Despite of the fact that there are likely better devices on the market place in couple of months later or in the next years, Samsung has already attacking iPhone with its latest mobile gadget, Samsung Croix.

Samsung Croix has an intuitive input system, supported by cross like menus and lists. Samsung Croix also offering nice interface looks, very clean, intriguing and gorgeous shape. Samsung Croix really supposed to be an Apple iPhone huge rival.

Samsung Croix Won an iF Communication Design Award 2007

Samsung Croix has just won an iF Communication Design Award 2007, and its ready to steal your attention with a nice shape design, sleek interface. I wonder, what is the mean of “Croix”? Well, Croix means “cross” in French. Is Samsung Croix gonna cross iPhone? Well, the result is depends on the market, let the people judge it.

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