Monday, September 3, 2007

Major System Failures at PayPal

A couple days ago, I had heard a rumor about PayPal. The company suffers major system failures. I didn’t believe it, I though it just a rumor to damage PayPal’s reputation.

PayPal’s subscription service has stopped since August 30 and remains down. Is this a fatal error? Think it, PayPal subscription payments are being used widely by service providers that require monthly payments, such as web hosts, membership based services and others.

Many bloggers are accepting review jobs offer from third parties, such as PayPerPost, ReviewMe, Bloggerwave and other. Imagine it, how can I possible run those jobs well if the company that provides payment service with a good reputation like PayPal has to suffer major system failures.

PayPal’s Official Site had stated:

“PayPal wants to notify merchants that subscriptions are experiencing some delays and that will be back to normal around September 5, 2007 (Wednesday) or September 6, 2007 (Thursday). Please be assured that no subscriptions will be missed, just that the payout will be delayed.
We apologize for any impact caused by this incident.
PayPal Merchant Technical Support Team”

The problem has caused merchants and all of PayPal’s customers to be unhappy. There are numerous merchants have reported that subscriptions have been incorrectly cancelled by PayPal. PayPal has not giving any official statement regarding the problem. Payments that have been delayed could easily reach the tens of millions of dollars. I believe the problem will cause a serious damage to PayPal’s reputation.

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