Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Reader’s Satisfaction vs. Online Moneymaking Purpose

Within these couple of days, I’ve discussed a lot of gadget and mobile peripheral topics. Some of my posts were posted as paid review post. However, I’ve tried my best to make the existence of this blog keep in balance between paid review post and non-paid review post. For me, pure original post always the best thing that I can give to my great readers. That is why the interim posts between paid review posts are useful; it can bring more vitality boost to our blog.

As a blogger, I’ve realized that is hard for a blogger to say no if there is a chance for him or her to make money from his or her blog. I’ve also realized that this choice might make my great readers feel disappointed. Yet, although the choice is on my hands, I always keep in my mind that I must keep working as best as I can to response for their disappointment by filling the contents of this blog with what I expect to be useful for them.

An Online Moneymaking Blog

Couple of these months, I’ve learned many things that I cannot get from blogs that specialized itself as online moneymaking blogs. The fact is these kinds of blogs are very popular among the Internet surfer, which is surfing to get ideas about online moneymaking.

We should realize that a blog that is made for online moneymaking tutorial or whatever is definitely need fully diligent and highly skilled person or you can say smart blogger a sneaky blogger. If online moneymaking is you choice, then you might facing the fact that blogger did not click other blogger’s ads. Why? The blogger, which is your visitor, is a person that also hunting for money on the Internet.

Are Your Blog is Moneymaking Blog?

All right, I want you to honest to yourself. You are not expecting them to click on your own ads aren’t you? If your answer is yes, then you might have to feel disappoint, you cannot making a lot of money, unless, you able to turn your blog into a place for referral campaign program. You write posts that deeply discussed about a site that interests your readers, such as online moneymaking sites that have also referral program campaign.

Helping other peoples to make money is a highway to make us easier to make money too. Why? Because most of them are expecting to earn something useful for their efforts, they want something that can be used to get things that they wants, and money have already being the “lord” that ruling this world, this wholly materialism world. This key, keeps a moneymaking blogger always keep in existence day by day.

You persuaded other people to become a member of a site, perhaps a site that exist for making other people able to make money in online. They enter the site and register themselves. Yet, the story is you get your portion pieces, which is commission money from that site.

Money isn’t The Most Important Thing!!!

Finally, I only can say that there are many things that very useful besides orienting our blog for moneymaking machine. To earn some bucks from your money isn’t a sin. However, to learn to become the part of information societies in free, which is means that you provide much information for your blog readers is the most difficult part. Why? Because there are still people saying, that knowledge is very expensive thing and there is nothing-free thing in this world.

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