Thursday, July 5, 2007

Blogging: Human Personally Thinking Realization

Thinking concept has always showed its existence within human life. Thinking is the earliest process that enables human life to be changed. Human and animal are differ from the ability of thinking. Animals have the ability to think, but the process of thinking that they have done is not considered to be as deeply as human thinking level. Animals considered being more depending on their instinct. Human have the ability to change the social order of society, recondition and reconstruct their environment with the thinking ability. Thinking human always appreciate with every writing resource from books or internet. Books and internet are considered as the most precious knowledge mine. Every writing resource is considered as valuable thinking resources from its own writer.

It is hard to realize a good writing resource (post) that proper to be read for our visitors. It is hard to realize a good post that consistently paying attention to the benefit of its content. It is hard to realize a blog that able to sustain its own loyal visitors. It is harder to keep a blog to exist after we had launched it to be consumed by public.

Most of us perhaps have already realized that blogging is a tiring effort; most of us are admitting that blogging is no payment activity. Somebody might say that knowledge is an expensive thing; however, there might be somebody else saying that knowledge is free and should be spread out for the sake of humankind prosperity. No matter what our opinion might be, at least, knowledge is spread out for constructing thinking process of other people. Moreover, knowledge can be used as a tool for affecting the thinking concept of somebody else. That is why there are many people out there are showing their huge effort to continue their blogging activity, despite gaining slightly visitors, yet sometime zero visiting count.

Non-realized thinking is appearance thinking, a process of thinking that will not guide somebody else or other people to a progressive way. The thinking realization enable people to do better, that is why I wrote this article, blogging is an activity that considered as a media for me to spread out the thinking resources in my mind.

My own thought might be differ from your own though, that is why there are many people with various backgrounds developing their own blog. Some of them might have orientation toward money, some of them might have orientation toward popularity, and some of them might have orientation to spread out their knowledge and many other reasons that can tell us the basis blogging. However, no matter what the purpose for blogging, be sure that writing a post for your own blog will never make you lose out for something. You might need to convince yourself, as personally to make your personal thinking realized, yet in further time, you will gain what you have already done for the sake of blogging.

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Mark said...

Considering to blog is a good decision, but it is really hard to maintain it. Like what you have said, to make a blog is easy, however, to maintain it is the difficult part.

Suray said...

[Mark] you right. it is easy to create a blog but it is really hard to maintain it.

Narathan said...

People are very selective. They not only want to visit a blog that have a good quality content, but also a blog that are differ in their design. The first thing that can catch their eyes is the design :D

suray said...

[Narathan] seems like I should considering your suggestion :D

Anonymous said...

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Suray said...

Thanks for your offer. I will try it :D

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