Monday, September 24, 2007

Unlocking your iPhone Will Harm It Too

Do you know that unlocking your iPhone and then you update it with the latest Apple’s software could harm your iPhone? Well, Apple has already giving some warning for it. Apple has already discovered that if you have unlocked your phone and you decide to update it with Apple’s newest software, then it may end up making the touch-screen of the phone to be inoperable.

By default, iPhone only supporting its default carrier, AT&T. Until now, iPhone only available to US market. Apple said that iPhone would be available to Europe market in November of this year. However, people who cannot wait any longer to taste iPhone, have decided to use program to unlock it, so that it can be used with carrier other that AT&T.

Since June, Apple has been showing its fantastic record by selling over a million iPhone. However, since that time, hackers have posted some methods online to make the iPhone to be possible to use other cellular networks (carriers) than AT&T, which is Apple’s exclusive partner for the iPhone.

On this week, Apple has planned to release its latest features for the iPhone, such as accessibility to the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store. Unfortunately, the action of updating the iPhone that had already unlocked could turn into disaster and Apple will void its guarantee.

I have heard that many Asian consumers have bought iPhone from the US and unlocked it to be available with other carriers than AT&T, and it works! However, seems that Apple dislike this wonderful news, and finally they have officially warned this illegal action.

Source: Apple Warns Owners of Hacked iPhone

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