Tuesday, October 23, 2007

BlackJack2: Samsung and AT&T in Collaboration

Samsung and AT&T have just announced their new handset, Samsung SGH-i780 BlackJack™ II (BlackJack2). The mobile handset is sleeker, smarter, and even easier to use than the original (Samsung BlackJack). BlackJack2 comes with Windows Mobile® 6, faster 3G download speeds, a larger 2.4" display screen, and a stylish look, Samsung and AT&T claimed that the device all other smart devices want to be.

The new, improved BlackJack2 takes the beauty and brilliance of the successful BlackJack to a completely new level. BlackJack2 a sleek new design, front jog wheel for easier scrolling, international roaming with tri-band HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access, which is a high-speed data service feature introduced in Release 5 (R5) of the UMTS Standard), 2MP camera, and GPS support. The BlackJack2 is available in two colors - black and wine red

BlackJack2 supports all the messaging, productivity, and multimedia features of the original BlackJack, and introduces support for Video Share Calling. According to Samsung, the commercial users can expect it start from US$150.

Features & Benefits of BlackJack2

• Operating system: Ms. Windows Mobile 6 standard
• Tri-band HSDPA/quad-band EDGE world phone
• Large 2.4" 65K TFT display screen
• Integrated GPS (you can find your next destination quickly with TeleNav Maps or TeleNav GPS Navigator)
• Microsoft Office Mobile (to access Word, Excel, PowerPoint files)
• 2MP camera and video recorder
• Stereo Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
• Embedded Mobile Instant Messenger supporting Yahoo!, AOL, and Windows Live
• AT&T Video & AT&T Music (to stream music and video in real time)
• Video Share Calling (to talk on the phone and share live video instantly)
• Embedded RSS Reader Client (to customize news feeds direct to your device)
• QWERTY keyboard with front jog wheel

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