Sunday, October 28, 2007

Finally My PageRank Up to 4 from 0

Finally, I got my PageRank updated. I have been waiting for about a half of year to see this moment. For all these times, I have worked hard and learned many things. I always keep the contents of this blog updated, at least once in a week. Sometime, I felt sad, not everything that we want can be happened.

The first social bookmarking that I entered was Digg. However, I had been banned by Digg about a month ago, I think some of the members of Digg hate me, and they think I was a spammer. The fact is you can judge it by yourself. Although I had been banned, Digg keeps sending me email. You can see it below:

Lots of new changes coming to Digg! We're excited to introduce you to the new Digg Profiles. With over fifty new features, we've completely revamped our profiles from the ground up - making it easy for you to share your favorite Digg stories with friends. If you'd like to see them in action, visit Digg or get a walk through of some of the new features in this video.

Because Digg enables people to share information with one another, the policies for how you use Digg and how we treat your privacy on Digg are very important to us. As part of this release, we have updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which we encourage you to check out. Some highlights to note:
Digg will notify you via email when certain activities happen, such as when someone adds you as a friend or a story you submit becomes popular. You can control what emails you want to receive in the Email Settings section of your Digg User Profile.
You can easily find your friends' Profiles on Digg by searching for them by their email address. If you don't want to enable others to search for your Digg Profile by your email address, or if you want to manage what personal information to display in your Digg Profile, you can reflect this in your Privacy Settings.
The best way to learn more about these changes is to try out Digg Profiles for yourself. Visit, login, and click the Profile button at the top of any page on the site.

The Digg Crew

This is a system message from, which we are required to send to all account holders. Control what other emails you receive from Digg.

This is suck! Yeah, Digg…, I just want to say that you are too arrogant!

All right, I do not want to remember that miserable thing! The last PageRank update in this month, I thought that my PageRank was only 0 (zero). Suddenly, I just knew it, that the PageRank of this blog is 4. This means that the PageRank has risen from 0 to 4. Thanks for all my friends that have encouraged me not to stop blogging. Pals, all of you are my inspiration, the SURAYBLOG’s inspiration.

You should also considering to read Google PageRank 2nd Update in October 2007.


sachroel said...

wah selamat deh & keep semangat ya!

Suray said...

Thanks bung Sachroel, saya akan tetap semangat menulis... Terus terang susahnya setengah mati, ampe mandi keringat, kalo aku mo blogging. Maklum deh, nih blog pake bahasa Inggris :)

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