Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Need To Fix My Garage

I always want my house to be neat and clean. I have no choice accept to use my garage as a place to put all things that I do not use anymore. However, sometimes, I am having problems with my garage, my parent always disturbed by the things that I have put there, we do not have a lot spaces to put unused things.

It is seems that we need more garages to put things that we do not used anymore. However, I am not considering putting my useful and relevant things in my garage; it is hard to find good things when we have dropped in garages. I need to fix the garage; maybe I need storage cabinets or whatever, to keep my garage in neat.

The simple things that I need to put in my garage is screwdrivers, bolts, nuts, washers, gears, drills, hand rakes, etc. I need to organize them; I need an ideal place to put them, so that I can find them as quickly as I can. I do not want my garage to be a rubbish dump as a place to put all the unwanted stuff inside it. I want to have a garage that can suit my need, a garage that satisfying me.

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awannabe said...

What you need is an attic.

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