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Sony Cybershot T200 Digital Camera in Complete Review

Memorable snapshots are at your fingertips with two new slim, yet powerful Sony Cyber-shot® T-series cameras. Sony has added a couple more Cybershot digital cameras to its T-series line, known as the T200 and the T70. Both offer an intuitive touch screen that allows you to instantly select the subject you want to focus on (in shooting mode) and what you want to view or where you want to zoom (in playback mode). Both of the products are extremely sleek and thin, sharing the same large touch screen display, which apparently makes it easier to access the myriad of functions and settings.

Sony Cybershot DSC-T200

Sony’s stylish and slim line Cybershot T Series, the Sony Cybershot T200 complements exquisite HD imaging quality with exciting innovations like the new ‘Smile Shutter’, which helps capture the most important part of a photo – the smile. The feature can brings mode for happy faces when you are shooting family and friends as well as a clear, wide extra large touch-screen.

Sony Cybershot T200, the ultra-thin, 8-megapixel DSC-T200 model raises the bar with a 3.5-inch wide LCD touch-panel that controls all of the camera’s settings and a 5x Carl Zeiss® optical zoom lens. This model will be available in silver, black and red. It uniquely stylish vertical design conceals a powerful five times optical zoom lens - great for pulling distant subjects in closer. The Sony Cybershot T200 digital compact camera features the new Sony Cyber-shot “Smile Shutter” function.

Sony Cybershot T200 – Advanced Portraits Feature

Sony’s Cybershot T200 has an advantage feature called the Smile Shutter, which is enables the camera to automatically react to a smile - a first for digital photography. The feature of auto shutter system is capable of identifying when someone smiles and will immediately take a shot without you needing to press the shutter - bringing more fun to informal portraits, friends, family shots and other ‘people snapshots’. If there are several people in the frame, the shutter only fires when the main subject - selected using the touch-screen - smiles. A sequence of up to six smiling shots can be taken without the need of manually press of the shutter. Therefore, you can always have pictures of children or adults looking happy in every shot!

Sony T200 is easy-to-use camera, with Face Detection feature and the capability helps photographers of all abilities capture awesome-looking ‘people photos’ without the risk of spoiled shots. Face Detection automatically adjusts exposure, flash and other settings. Enhanced auto-focus performance and advanced eye detection ensure beautifully sharp portraits with natural skin tones - even at high zoom settings, in low light or with moving subjects.

Sony Cybershot T200: Photographing Will Not Be the Same

The only part that awesome is when you are taking the photos of memorable things and share it with your closest friends. With the T200, you can view digital photos the same way you watch your favorite TV shows – in full 1080 high-definition resolution.

Sony Cybershot T200 can be connected to an HDTV set via HD component cable or an HD cradle, which is sold separately. Sony Cybershot T200 is equipped with a built-in slide show function so you can view photos, complete with dynamic transitions choreographed to your choice of programmed music clips or by adding your own.

Further, when Sony T200 is connected to a new Sony BRAVIA® HD television, snapshots are optimized for television viewing with Sony’s new “Photo TV HD” mode. This mode brings the look of actual printed photography to the television, reproducing high-quality digital photos by fine-tuning image parameters like sharpness, gradation and color specifically for photographs.

Sony Cybershot T200: Compact Camera with Maximum Features

The new Sony Cybershot T200 camera stands apart from the crowd thanks to its big, touch-sensitive LCD display screen for best viewing of images and having full control over the camera functions. The Sony Cyber-shot T200 comes equipped with a 3.5-inch LCD screen. Clear Photo LCD Plus technology ensures super clarity and color reproduction, and an anti-reflective AR coating maximizes contrast and visibility even when shooting outdoors in bright conditions. The Sony Cybershot T200 has a screen, which is wide 16:9 aspect ratio offers ideal proportions for viewing images on any connected HD Ready television. Tapping any point on the screen immediately locks focus on that part of the image, while touching a face on screen turns on Face Detection. During playback, a brief touch anywhere on screen zooms in on that part of the image for quick checking.

Sony’s Double Anti-blur solution teams have improved their optical image stabilization with a maximum sensitivity of ISO 3200. This reduces the chances of spoiled pictures while shooting handheld indoors or at dusk without flash. Sony Clear RAW NR processing reduces color noise and luminance noise for more natural pictures at high sensitivity settings.

It is simple to enjoy the finest quality High Definition images captured with the Sony Cybershot DSC-T200 on a BRAVIA or HD Ready display (you need to have HD output adapter cable) so you can share your big, beautiful images with friends and family. Music can accompany the slideshows for an extra dimension of enjoyment to your photos. Just pick from four visual effects and four preset musical accompaniments - then watch the show onscreen with HDTV image quality.

With Sony T200, slideshows can be personalized further with MP3 background music tracks imported from a PC. Photo TV HD optimizes the images for subtler, more natural color and textures on the latest generation of Full HD BRAVIA. No doubt that Sony Cybershot T200 can offers a significant improvement over viewing still images on conventional TV sets that are optimized for moving video.

The Sony Cybershot T200 camera collaborated with a high-quality Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar optics (5x optical zoom) and 8.1 effective MP resolution with the powerful Sony-developed BIONZ engine. This responsive imaging processor controls auto-focus, exposure and other picture settings for beautiful results under a wide range of shooting conditions. Options for adding extra polish to your images have also been improved. Enhanced in-camera touch-up functions now include ‘Radial Blur’ for dynamic freeze-frame effects, while ‘Retro’ authentically recreates the feel of an old-fashioned camera. The popular Paint function has also been enhanced with an increased palette of 30 stamps for customizing images on screen. A new Resize function optimizes picture files for HD TV display, emailing or web upload.

Sony Cybershot T200 Availability

The Sony Cybershot DSC-T200 compact digital camera will be available throughout Europe from the beginning of September 2007. The product will sold at the price of US$400.

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Siren said...

well the camera is great, BUT with one major disorder and that's it's photo quality :( it does not give a vivid picture of landscapes and anything farther than 2-3 meters. I'm terribly upset with that. when I zoom at the pics i've taken, I can absolutely see nothing. how do you explain that?

Siren said...

p.s If you can help me on that, here's my email: anadnamandana at gmail dot com
i can also send some pics i've taken before as a sample. I've checked all its settings to figure out what might be wrong but nothing's actually wrong and it hopefully hasnt got complicated settings.

Suray said...

@Siren: hello Siren, first of all, thanks for visiting this blog. As far as I know that most of digital cameras from Sony can give amazing result. I am using Sony W55, as you can see that the pictures that I've taken that I've put on my Flickr are taken from that digital camera.

However, if we are using the lens from the default digital camera, we cannot expect to get better quality picture if we are using zoom feature. I've tried it, it is not satisfying me.

In my experience, if you are activating 'auto flash' feature, the digital camera (Sony) will automatically configuring the best light conditioning for the best result. I've tried it, and I am suggesting if you want to get more bright and clear picture, it is better you activate this feature.

"I'm terribly upset with that. when I zoom at the pics i've taken, I can absolutely see nothing. how do you explain that?" -> Are you doing it when its dark? Sorry, I have never experienced this. I will try to find out what you need.


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