Thursday, October 4, 2007

Multi-core Processors Hit Symbian Smart-phones

The future seems brighter for Symbian mobile devices after the announcement that the Symbian OS will support the ARM Symmetric Multi-processor (SMP) architecture. The SMP architecture uses multiple CPU cores to provide “performance on demand”, which is means that individual cores can be switched on and off, it is depends on the needs of the device, thus conserving power.

The new multi-core ARM processors should be a crucial step to increasing the battery life of portable devices, which tends to be growing shorter and shorter, as contemporary mobiles are getting evermore power-thirsty. I not sure if we likely to see multi-core CPUs in Symbian handsets anytime soon, however at least that is some promising news, while we wait for the Symbian 9.5 (already announced March 2007) to finally start being implemented in mobile devices.

After Adobe had announced the release of their Flash Lite 3.0 platform, the upgrade of the widespread Flash Lite technology will open doors to using flash video and dynamic Web content on mobile devices, as well as to create multimedia-driven interfaces (LG Prada and (LG Viewty both share a flash-based user interface).

Now, Adobe Flash Lite runs on multiple platforms, including S60 on Symbian OS, BREW and Windows Mobile 5, in addition to embedded operating systems on a variety of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) platforms.

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