Monday, November 12, 2007

Manual Penalty for Keywords Spamming from Google

I heard from my friend that many people are worried if their websites are being banned from Google search engine. If Google bans a website, then the website will not get a good position for many keywords that user of Google search engine has typed. Moreover, you will never get higher traffic that you have expected before.

Most cases, Google will not ban a website without some strong reasons. However, Google will give a lower rank for that website if the website has done something that Google dislike, such as keywords spamming on its homepage. One thing that we should remember is we cannot maintain the same ranking forever.

If you notice that the traffic of your site has dropped in major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Live, Ask, etc. then probably you have put to much unseen (by your the eyes of your visitors) keywords. However, it can be detected easily by web-crawlers. Google to give your website good ranking after had processed a very complex algorithm to determine the value of your website. If Google has found something wrong with it, then Google will give your website a manual penalty.

Try to sit down and analyze your website codes. Check it carefully and make sure that you are not against the policy of Google. To get a few natural links from high quality websites will always make sure that your site will get higher PageRank then having thousands links from “bad neighborhoods”. Do not practice link farm to your website if you do not want to be banned by Google. Finally, do not be an evil.

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