Friday, November 16, 2007

Sign Up to Become a Member of PayLoadz and Earn $3.5 Instantly

Hi to all my great readers, I just signed up as a member of PayLoadz. This company is concentrating its business on selling digital goods online. According to the manual of the company for its member, a customer browses our website and they find a product or products that your visitors would like to purchase. Later on, when they click “Buy Now” links that generated from the PayLoadz system and it will add the item to your visitors shopping cart.

Once they have finished adding the items, they should click on “Check Out” to purchase those items. The buyers (your visitors that would like to buy the items on your sites) will be prompted for their PayPal Username and Password. If the buyers do not have a PayPal account, then they will be given the opportunity to create one or to check out without creating an account using a verified credit card or bank account (U.S) as their funding source.

If they have completed the payment process, the PayPal server communicates with the PayLoadz server and provides the transaction detail to PayLoadz system. In case if you want to know, the communication takes place “behind the scenes”, neither the customer, nor the merchant sees this process. Then the PayLoadz system will send to your customer an email that contains custom “thank you” text that we (sellers) have specified during the product creation process, and a link to download for the items. Moreover, the email will also redirect to the download page immediately after payment at PayPal.

You should know that the link is encoded link that when clicked, processes at the PayLoadz website instantaneously and prompts the customer with a download popup box asking to “Save” or “Open” the file. Those entire processes happen in a matter of seconds. You (if you have joined) will be notified with two emails, one duplicate of the email sent to the customer from PayLoadz and the other for notification of payment from PayPal. The PayLoadz system will send duplicated download email to you in case there is any problem with the email delivery to the customer. The good news is, a person can purchase and download your good in under a minute.

If you want to be a member of this program and earn US$3.5 instantly, then you must have a person that can act as a referral person for you. If you sign up without using referral way, then you will not earn US$3.5. In case if you want to join, you can pick up my referral id and use this address to sign up as a member of PayLoadz.

Click here to become a member PayLoadz

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