Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Basic of Search Engines Work

As a blogger, you might want to know how the search engines work. Just in case, you want to know it, the search engines use a text-based algorithm to determine where your weblog falls in their rankings. Most search engines are paying attention with the keywords that you put on your weblog’s meta-tag. However, the Google search engine will ignore your keywords that you have put on the header of your weblog.

The search engines will look at keywords in your weblog and other weblogs, picking up the links that connect to your weblog. The search engines use those links to value your weblog. You can maximize this strategy by participating in link exchanges with other webmasters or you can pay someone else to a link on their weblog, which is pointing to your weblog. However, if you are using paid link method to boost your weblog’s rank on the search engines, then you need to face the consequence of your action. However, I am also not suggesting you to spam with keywords on your weblog, your weblog will be banned from the search engine like Google.

The search engines will observe and record these links in their databases. Some webmasters are suggesting me to use some automate tools to boost my rank on the search engines. However, I never use their solution. I want to let everything flow in natural, automate tools just pollute the Blogsphere. All I have done is just update my weblog at least twice in a week. Frequent updates will raise your search engine ranking like Google. However, if you are content looks like another weblog, then the Google will penalize you, because you have committed plagiarism, your ranking will get lower than before or eliminate from the search engine’s databases.

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