Thursday, November 15, 2007

Major European Cities for Tourists

The holiday season is coming. Most of us may already plan the best thing to accompany our holiday. If you are the ones who love traveling to many places, then you have to prepare yourself for the journey. There are many wonderful cities in Europe, such as London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, etc. Each of those cities has its own unique characteristics.

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom, which is also the largest city in England. Nowadays, London is the most populous city by administrative area in the European Union. London has been chosen as a major tourist destination with four world heritage sites, several royal parks and numerous iconic landmarks. If you visit London, you do not need to worry about the budget for your accommodation, because there are many affordable London hotels that offer you high-quality services.

Paris is an inclusive city, which is famed for its blend of art and romance, this place is suitable for you and your sweetheart to enjoy the romantic experience in abroad. Whether you choose to admire the Lourve art or the nightlife entertainment that offered by the French-Latin Quarter, or even viewing the city from the top of Eiffel tower, you could achieve it with affordable cost. Paris is the perfect location for people who love to trip in romantic weekend. Moreover, besides enjoying the Disney Land in here, you can also be served in luxurious Paris Hotels with cheap price.

The other city, which is also a remarkable city in the Europe, is Berlin. Berlin is a place of modern glass and steel mixture city. Berlin is the city with deep-rooted history. The modern Berlin is known for its nightlife. There are many Berlin Hotels, restaurants and shops. If you visit Berlin, you must also go to Pergamon Museum, this place provides intrigue for all as it displays some of the most eminent artifact in antiquity.

If you do not want to travel to London, Paris, or even Berlin, then you should try to have your journey to Barcelona. Barcelona is the vibrant city. The city is famed for its unique blend of traditional and modern art, culture, dance and music. In here, you can immerse yourself in Picasso’s artwork. There are many festivals in Barcelona, you can watch a flamenco show, try traditional Catalan cuisine or tantalize your taste buds with Michelin star restaurants. I am positively sure that you will not regret in this wonderful city. Moreover, to find cheap Barcelona Hotels are not a big deal, there are many luxurious hotels with great prices.

Finally yet importantly, to travel to Europe does not mean that you have to be a rich person, some actions that you need to do are getting more information about the places that you want to visit, checking the price of your accommodation place and comparing it with the other places. If you have done it well, I am sure that you will get your pleasant trip.

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