Thursday, November 15, 2007

Maximize the RSS Feed of Your Weblog

There are hundreds of methods to advertise your weblog. People are spending more and more money to spread out their campaigns. They want to their website to be listed well on the Internet. They are doing search engine marketing. They want to get better search engine ranking. They even do not care anymore with the cost that they should pay, just get few or more visitors to their weblog. They are too overestimating the value of advertising. Therefore, I just want to say, most of those efforts are not successfully achieving what they have planned.

However, you do not need to worry if your campaigns have failed. There are one method that has been proven to work consistently, the method that has made this weblog listed well on the search engines. What I want to say is you need to focus on retaining your loyal visitors while you are trying to cultivate new ones by using search engines and great contents. You visitors deserved to read great articles from your weblog.

You might want to know how to do it. Do you know about RSS Feed? If you know it, you can maximize its’ features. One of the most people know features from RSS Feed is to let your visitors who have subscribed your feed to be informed through email that your weblog has already updated with a new post. By maximizing your feed’s features, you can keep your weblog fresh in your visitor’s minds. Before the booming of the Internet age, direct email was the only way to remain your visitors consistently that you are around and to let them know about your websites/weblogs. Nowadays, using such method will make you flagged as a spammer.

Just remember one thing, if you keep your weblog with fresh quality content in consistently, your visitors will never faraway from your weblog. They will visit your weblog again. By optimizing your weblog with great contents, you can get your weblog listed well on the search engines, because people are more likely to give you more backlinks. This will increase your pagerank on Google's search engine. In just few days, you will notice that your weblog traffic has boosted more than you have expected.

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