Friday, November 23, 2007

Traffic and Ads: Which Do You Prefer?

Is it true that putting ads on our blogs can kill our traffic? Some people believe that putting ads on their own blogs will kill the traffic to their blogs. The reason is the ads will drive the visitors away, and they will never visit the blogs again. If that is happening to your blogs, it is means that you have killed your own blogs.

After six months blogging, I have realized that the statement above is completely very wrong. I am telling you that putting ads on your blogs will not kill your blogs’ traffic. If you want to know what has happened to this blog after put up more ads, then I only can tell you that nothing is happening with the traffic. In fact, the traffic of this blog has been increasing for the past of few months.

When we have decided to put ads on our blogs, then we must accept all the consequences of that action. In my experiences, try to put ads that not take too much times to load in your blogs. If you can pick up the right ads programs to your blogs, then there is nothing to be worried. It will not bother the visitors of your blogs.

You might want to know, why people put ads on their own blogs. The answer is very simple; to maintain those blogs, the bloggers have to take serious efforts. I have to admit it that I am not a full time blogger. I have a job as a programmer; I have to finish my own job at my office. I have tried to update this blog everyday. However, the Blogspot would not allow me to do it. I cannot set up the timestamp of each post. Moreover, I only consider maintaining this blog by myself.

There is one thing that I have not told to all of you. I do not blog on Saturday and Sunday, because there are many things that I have to finish. I have to teach on Saturday and Sunday, because I am a private teacher. I teach Math for junior and senior high students. That is why; you will not see any update on Saturday and Sunday. Whether only two posts in a week, I will always update this blog. I love this blog and I will maintain it well, although this blog is only a free sub-domain blog of blogspot.

Okay, we must back again to our discussion about putting ads. There is one thing that you should aware; you must brave to get rid of the ads that annoying your blogs, such as pop-ups and interstitials (the ads that flies across your screen). Even though those ads make more money to you, in my humble opinion, those ads has definitely annoying your visitors. They will hate it. Therefore, you must be aware to put ads on your blogs.

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