Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blogging for Better Human Beings

Recently, I have seen many bloggers among the blogsphere are struggling to earn more and more money. However, they have forgotten the essential characteristic of blogging. Most of the bloggers are blogging for the sake of money, not for the sake of personal development. That is why I am sure that those bloggers who only blogging for the sake of money will never get very far. Your first motivation is not for the sake of blogging, but for the sake of money.

I have found several motifs from the bloggers that I have known from many blogging communities. Those motifs are make money online, relationship, personal development, improving language skill, serving the visitors, giving enlightenment to others, popularity, or even disguising him/her own face. Actually, there are many more motifs, but I cannot mention it all, you have to figure it out yourself. No matter what the purpose for us to blog, we must always remember that we need to keep our blog’s credibility.

Whether I am paid or not for a post, I will always try to keep on my mind that I am blogging because I love to do such thing. Although you might disagree with me, I just want to say that the best part of blogging for generating income is the freedom it brings. I can always work from everywhere that I want and I can set my own hours. I can spread everything that stuck on my head and I am able to spend my time to do what I love most. To help other people with great advices is equal to help yourself.

To earn money from your blog is not forbidden thing. However, if your site is just made for money, then you should be aware. Money is just adornment, our inner beauty that matters. Perhaps, your purpose for blogging is differ from me, I want to blog because I absolutely love personal development, I do not offer e-book or even begging for donation from my readers to earn some bucks. However, real maturity that makes us better human beings and that is my biggest hope right now.

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Anang said...

go for go-blog

suray said...

Thanks Anang, good words for motivating me :)

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