Monday, November 19, 2007

Reward Your Visitors with New Posts

One of the most awesome qualities of the Internet is the ability of bringing the world close together. The Internet has enabled people who fill one tiny corner of interest to come together, promoting to each other weblog, sharing wonderful ideas, and growing as a niche community.

The best way to provide your weblog with great contents is to focus directly at niche markets. You need to identify yourself as an expert in the field that you are targeting. However, you must not leave your original thinking, just because you want to get more visitors. You have to be yourself; a weblog is created to introduce yourself to the world. Let them know more about you and you have to share with them too.

If you cannot realize it as I have mentioned above, then you do not need to feel sad about it. Like this weblog, you can see that the contents are covered with various topic areas that most likely look not focus. However, I am telling you again, this weblog is my personal shout, I do not want to be one of millions, but I want to be one in millions.

Being a Guru is good. However, a Guru is only a man who sits on the mountain, dispensing advice. Well, in my humble opinion, you do not need to sit on a mountain to dispense advice if you are going to be a guru. All you need is just sitting in front of your computer, and then you need to be connected to the Internet. Then you settle your weblog, write useful contents, attract your visitors, help them with positive tips and tricks, give them useful information and reward them with new contents everyday.

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