Thursday, November 1, 2007

Make Money by Blogging: What You Wish You Knew

I have been blogging for about a half of year, this is truly amazing. The first time I started to blog is on April 2007. The first topic that I wrote was about poetry. Then later on, I wrote about Geography, Finance, History, Biology, etc. What the exactly thing on my mind was just filled up this blog with any resource that I thought it would be great.

The first day I started to blog, I did not get any visitor, the second day I was blogging, I also did not get any visitor again. This situation was continuing for about three weeks. Fortunately, I got one visitor from Indonesia, she told me through email, that this blog was confusing her, because this blog did not inform any information about the author of its. The worse thing was the blog only has one post for three weeks, because I never updated it.

I was very shamed to her; I just told her that I did not have any time to update it. However, I promised to her that I would update it as soon as possible, and I did. On that time, I never thought to commercialize this blog, I was just experiment the behaviors of my visitors, I learned about building community, communicating online, and anything that could help me to understand about how the way the blogs operate. I learned to know what kind of posts that could attract the visitors.

It was a great time; it gave me many pleasures for blogging. I was blogging not because of the money in my eyes. The result was I wrote every thing, which are interested me and not something, which would make me rich. All I wanted to do was just expecting people wanted to visit this blog in further time. I never thought to establish a MFA site. You would not expect me to know anything about PageRank too. Gladly, this blog has PR4 right now. I even did not know anything about text link program, which is a program that can produce much money to your pocket. However, Google will not tolerate your blog or site, if they found your site is selling a place to link to other blogs or sites.

In my humble opinion, not every blogs will make much money. However, some of them might have the potential to attract visitors and get earning from other indirect ways, such as doing some reviews, selling a place for link, etc.

Many bloggers are frustrated because their sites not making much money, even if they have so much traffic. You should notice this important thing in earlier time before you started to monetize your site. Sometimes, pay per click program is suitable for your site; you even can earn your first online money without big efforts. However, if you earn nothing from it, you should try to monetize your site by posting some reviews. For the last option that I have mentioned, you need to have good traffic. If you work to get good traffic level, then you will notice that there are many opportunities for you to earn more money.

However, if you do not have any site or blog, it is not mean that you cannot earn money from the Internet. You can earn money just by clicking the ads, which have provided to you, or even you can be paid just by reading the email. Whatever your choice, you just need to struggle hard to fulfill it. Never give up, even just for a second.


Marguerite Jasmin said...

Congratulations on the pr4 Suray. All I can say is that you did well on this blog, I've been reading you for a few months now and it's true that you're always making it better.

arahman7 said...

I heard about you when you placed a comment on someone blog about your experiences with Bloggerwave.

Well, I'm joining the club too - not getting paid! So far I've not encountered any problem with other sites except Bloggerwave - grrrrrrrr!

Looked like you're doing well. Keep on blogging, my friend.

Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

suray said...

[Arahman7] I don't know bro, what the hell is happened with Bloggerwave. When I sign in to my dashboard at Bloggerwave, I got the message from the system that my account was invalid. Then, I must request a new password again and again. Then I have to change it manually.

Is it true that Bloggerwave has been hacked?

arahman7 said...

Yeah, it's happening to me too. For now, I don't wanna think about them anymore.

Do come and visit my blog.

~ ArahMan7

Suray said...

According to Bloggerwave, they have been doing many changes on their websites. Previously, the website was running under ASP codes, now they have changed it to PHP.

dclh said...

It seems like their changes are not done yet? Or the advertisers have boycott them due to the bad name?
Anyway, I am quite happy with the other similar ones.

Suray said...

@dclh: you're right about this..

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