Sunday, November 11, 2007

Website Loading Time Dilemma

Many factors influence the rankings of blogs. One of them is site’s loading time. There are bunch of evident on the Internet that the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Live, etc. are taking a long time to grab our web pages. Most search engines need to work hard to access your web pages. Recently, the Google search engine has shown better performance than before, for an example, SurayBlog needs three days range to be grabbed by Google and indexed on their database servers.

Sometimes, I found out that it is need more time to access my own blog. However, because I was still a newbie, I did not know the reason of the problem. Then, after has been blogging for six months, I have known the reason of why the load time of my blog’s pages has been increasing for several months. When there is more traffic to your site, it will affect the load time of your web pages. Higher loading time means higher rankings of your web pages. Its mean that your articles in your own blog, can be found easily, at least people do not need to browse for a half of hour to find it.

The higher loading time of your web pages means that most search engines need more time too to grab your web pages. Sometimes, most of those search engines will ignore your web pages and go to other sites. It is why you need to host your websites on the trust worthy domain hosting companies.

Higher loading time also means that your website is actually hosted on a poor server; it is need more time to show a page with a single query. You should notice that the search engine would not like this, most of the search engines would rate your site down as the load time has been increasing. The search engines want to provide fast access to its users. You should realize it that your website is seen because of your hot keywords and the ranking of your website.

However, I have assumed that this problem will also bring you a benefit. The situation also informs you that the web-crawler would assume that the traffic of your websites has increased due to increased loading time than it was before. You can probably get higher ranking on the search engine.

Google has thousands of servers to process the action of crawling information from the websites all over the Internet. Google has a very complex algorithm to work with the ranking of all websites all over the Internet. However, the Internet is growing faster than the Google. Therefore, you should not surprise if your website is indexed after several weeks.

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