Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Los Angeles Criminal Law and Defense Blog

Have not you realized that there are more and more bloggers each day? Blogging is really an exciting activity and it is really in right now, I just figured out that some lawyers maintenance their own blogs as well as Los Angeles Criminal Defense Blog | California Criminal Attorneys Law Blog. I just came across to that blog and found up that the blog is very useful to earn more knowledge about criminal law and criminal proceedings issues in the Los Angeles, California area. In that blog, you will find tons of information related to California criminal law. After surfing for an hour, I found it to be entertaining and informative and I think you will too. The author of this useful blog is Mr. Dmitry Gorin, a lawyer and Professor at UCLA and Pepperdine Law School. Moreover, Mr. Dmitry Gorin also provides frequent commentary on Court TV. Whether you are facing criminal charges and looking for an experienced lawyer or you just want to learn more about law and criminal, I am sure that you will not regret to visit this blog.

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