Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Technology and Entertainment Topics Topped Google’s Searches

In 2007, technology and entertainment topics topped Google Inc’s searches. The iPhone grabbing the first position on a list of the fastest-rising search terms in the United States. This result is contrarily with what people had typed in a search box in 2006, very few people typed the word iPhone in a search box. The iPhone is a mobile music phone, a video player and Internet browser device that rolled out by Apple in the United States last summer.

Four social networking websites made the top ten, this result is including Webkinz that grabbed the second position. Webkinz is a stuffed animal that customers can register and play with online. On the other hand, the celebrity news website TMZ ranked the third position, while transformer toys took the fourth position.

The Transformers are the wildly popular toys, which are shifting their shapes, for example from cars to Autobot (Alien robots) and it got a big boost from the 2007 hit movie “Transformers.”

On the other hand, YouTube, the video-sharing website, grabbed the fifth position while Club Penguin, a networking website for children came in sixth. Then, a social networking website MySpace took the seventh position. Facebook, Heroes and Anna Nicole Smith rounded out the top ten. Moreover, Google also released a list of the fastest-rising global search terms and the iPhone topped that list too.

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