Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Search Engine Optimization: What Bloggers Should Know

Search engines are very complicated. Sometimes, you do not know why your blogs are well ranked. Sometimes, you even cannot save a good place in search engines for a long time especially for blogs. If you realize it, there are techniques that enable your blogs to appear higher in a list of search engine results. You can optimize your blogs for specific keyword phrases to encourage a better position when these phrases are part of a web search. Those techniques that make our blogs to be ranked on top of search engine results pages once a relevant search is performed is called search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is an aspect that all of us need to place a high importance if we want to make our site to get a higher rank in the search engine for the keyword that we are targeting for. It is unfair to label a whole industry based on one shady operator. Search engine optimization is powerful; it is an important stuff. However, not too many bloggers pay attention to search engine optimization when it comes to their own blogs. I think mostly because they might not understand it. Most of the bloggers are not comprehend the offsite techniques of search engine optimization.

The offsite techniques of search engine optimization are factors from outside the blog itself (other sites) that impact the blog’s ranking in the search engines. The most powerful offsite factor are inbound links. The links that point to our blogs are one of the most powerful ways to climb the search engines results pages. If you realize it, every link to our blogs is seen by the search engines as a vote of confidence in our site. The best-inbound links are the links that came from higher ranked sites than our, the sites that relevant to our topic that we are writing about and the sites that are linking to our blogs using relevant keywords.

I have not mentioned many other techniques of search engine optimization on this post. Therefore, I have to surf on the Internet to find out more and more. When I have known it, I will post it to all of you, my great readers.

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Miguel said...

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