Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Create Blog Free with

I have been blogging for a year. In my experiences, most of my friends in work are blogging during their free time, usually vacant period. Most of their posts are about unforgettable memories. For me, blogging is about to share my ideas about things that I want my visitors to know. As you can see, blog is an online journal where we can post all of our thoughts and other people all over the world will read it.

I think that you have already known about free blogging platforms. It is a free service that allows us to sign up for free and create blog in couple of minutes. We can able to create a completely free blog where we can share our thoughts with members, friends or even our families. Moreover, we can do many things with our blog, for example, we can upload videos, photos and pod-casts.

Recently, I just came across to a website called This website allows us to Create Blog free. In here, you will see many features that I have mentioned before. Moreover, we can chat in the community forums and bookmark the latest news. We can decide if our bog post is private, public or only for friends. The good news is we can have free unlimited bandwidth.

The interaction that takes place within the’s community is what makes this website different that other websites. When we start posting, we will have an instant audience. Our post will be displayed through the website to be easily found by the community. Everyone can participate, because HTML skills are not required. In here, customization possibilities are added all the time. All these advantages are truly unique, easy and creative features that allows people to blog in a simple way.

Overall, the website offers simple looks. The color and font size perfect-matches the website. Moreover, it has a moderately good navigation system that allows us going from one page to another with easily. Finally yet importantly, in my humble opinion, posting at is a good start to promote things, because many other people all over the Internet will see what you have written.

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