Monday, July 14, 2008

Increase HR Departments Efficiency with Applicant Tracking System

If you are working in human resource department or even own your own business, you probably receive quite a few resumes. It is not an easy job to help everyone from hiring managers and job boards, corporate website to vendors. I just came from and found many interesting stuffs there. In here, I found an Applicant Tracking System. An Applicant Tracking System is the software that enables the electronic handling of corporate recruitment needs. This software is allowing companies to post job onto their own site, as a gateway to attract potential candidates.

Applicant Tracking System has integrated support incidents and clients feedback process so that its can update the users’ website regularly that forms a part of the applicant tracking system’s standard service that can help the users in protecting their investment from certain risks like expensive migrations to the alternative solutions.

The largest organizational benefit of an Applicant Tracking System is the improvement in productivity of the recruiting team. Electronic handling of candidate and requisition data allows significant opportunities to reduce ineffective through automated processes. Moreover, the improved organization of candidate information allows faster decision-making. Those issues can reduce time and cost per hire.

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