Monday, August 18, 2008

Don’t Waste Time Chasing Reciprocal Linking Partners

Perhaps, if we compared with other online writers, bloggers are undeniable the most generous when it comes to linking. Most bloggers actively link to sites they love but many times, the favor is not returned.

There are many reasons for me to link to another site in my posts. For those generous bloggers, they link to other sites because of the page they link to be relevant and important to the article they are writing and or the page is on a friends blog, which is a blog that they like or a related blog.

As a time goes on, we may notice that we are linking to certain blogs in our niche quite frequently after a few months of blogging. The authority blogs in our niche are usually the ones that break news and they stimulate many fresh discussions. Therefore, they are linked to more often. In addition, bloggers also find inspiring stimulation for posts from blogs they subscribe to and read on a daily basis.

Linking to articles or posts that relevant to the point that we are trying to make is important. In fact, it is good to show some link love too, even if the post is perhaps not as relevant. I’ve seen many bloggers all over the net do this by including links to articles or posts from other blogs in their own posts (particularly newer or smaller blogs). Moreover, some of them are totally copying whole of the post and putting some information that the post was taken from bla-bla-bla. Well, there are couple of reasons for doing this, the first is to link back to a blog that has linked to us (if we are linked), the second is to get the attention of a blogger (usually more popular blog/blogger), and finally, to get a trackback link on another blog.

In other word, the blogs that we link to frequently are usually the blogs that we visit regularly too. Unfortunately, we may catch up these blogs rarely, if ever, link back. Simply, the reason of why authority blogs don’t link back as they get hundreds if not thousands or even millions of links to their posts so unless we’ve a news-breaking story, it is unlikely they will link to us. It is a different story with blogs of a similar or smaller size to ours. If we are linking to such blogs regularly and they are not doing the same thing to us, then we might want to reconsider our linking policy. Damn, we need to take some actions, but we don’t need to buy a link to get higher pagerank.

I know that if you read my post until this part, then we are speaking in the same language here. Subconsciously, I think we all have some of linking policy when it comes to our blogs, particularly after we’ve been updating our blogs for couple of months.

My link policy is dynamic; I never set it in stoner. Whenever I feel I need to link to other pages and its relevant to the post I am writing and if I come across an interesting story via a particularly site, I will acknowledge it in the post. There are times when a link is not necessary but I may include it anyways and in such conditions, I always hope they will link back.

I find out that some bloggers are very generous with links; some of them are very stingy whereas some hardly link at all. I would like to think that I lie somewhere around the middle. I do always link to posts when they are relevant and give them credit who pointed me in the right direction, but I don’t spend time inserting links to other blogs in my posts or articles just to get trackbacks. So, what is our linking policy? I would love to hear more from you about this matter.

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