Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blogging Success Takes A Few Months

The popularity blogging contest, gaining links and traffic does not happen in a single night. In fact, it takes lots of time and need an extra work.

Most people are arguing that content is king. This statement probably right or may be wrong. The point is whatever your idea, no matter how you choose to present it, there is always somebody out there over the net will do it as well or better.

Even Bruce Lee, the legendary martial artist, a guru of Jeet Kune Do, had understood this. While his popularity would have earned him a massive following had he lived long enough to blog, you probably do not have that cushion of love. In fact, you will not get that love, or the valuable links that feed a blog. Not without putting huge of efforts, baby.

Most of Bloggers link more often to their buddies than anyone else, including you and me. If you write a reasonably excellent piece of content that interests their audience, they probably will link to you, mainly because they like you or even admiring you.

Here are some advices on earning this adoration. Some of it seems more reasonable compared with the others, like writing a guest post on a popular blog versus volunteering to vote up their posts on social media sites. Anyone who can get into a popular blog with a guest post probably has enough high-powered buddies to get links from them already.

Commenting intelligently on their posts online, networking in person, and conducting an interesting interview of the desired popular blogger offer chances at longer-term relationships that could lead to inbound linking and the followers who click them.

Being ignored is suck, but there is no need for us to sad for such discrimination. Neither is hard work, but without the latter, it is difficult to resolve the former without some ultra-rare bit of serendipity happening for your blog. I think it is better to depend on the hard work than a fleeting bit of good fortune, because the God never create this world by throwing a dice.

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Digital Gigolo said...

I enjoyed this article. What exactly is your Blog about?

Suray said...

Hi Pal, I never considered a specific niche to my blog. Whatever idea that came into my mind, I'll put it in this blog. You may consider my blog as a personal blog that maintained by Suray, ha..ha..ha..

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