Saturday, October 18, 2008

2008 Smart Fortwo Micro Car for Urban-Based Drivers

I have seen cars all the time, everywhere and every time. There are probably as many cars on the street as there are on garages and parking lots. Nowadays, we can choose from a wide array of cards, such as brand new cars, sports cars, muscle cars, second-hand cars, classic cars or even micro cars. If we are a very avid car enthusiast, then we definitely need to know the details of the latest car model that hits the automobile market. Perhaps, price guides are the best resources that contain information necessary for all potential buyers.

Speaking about micro cars, the 2008 smart fortwo is one of most excellent micro cars I have ever seen. The 2008 Smart Fortwo is extremely good in almost all respects compared to its predecessor. It holds the road, it rides well, its performance is quire respectable, and it maneuvers as if it has controlled by a video-game joystick.

It seems that Smart has increased the Fortwo’s trunk space, stretched the wheelbase by more than two inches, widened the rear track by 1.2 inches, and replace approximately 90% of the vehicle’s parts. However, when you first encounter the 2008 Fortwo in the flesh, then you need to park a 2006 model alongside to the spot of differences. Moreover, it seems the Fortwo has grown some 7.7 inches in length.

The Storage space of the 2008 Smart Fortwo is sufficient for one mid-mounted engine, overnight bags and accessed through a glass hatch with drop-down tailgate. Perhaps, people might think that this car is does not look safe. Well, I must tell you that the car is equipped with four airbags, stability control and a hard shell for your maximum safety. Moreover, the 2008 Smart Fortwo’s height and bright colors make it easy to see, and its nimbleness make it a hard target to hit.

Perhaps, I must say that the 2008 Smart Fortwo is delightful little car who gravitated to its sky-high fuel economy and park-anywhere size. Personally, for overall, the 2008 Smart Fortwo is not a good choice for most customers. However, for urban-based drivers, it is most definitely worth consideration.

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