Monday, October 27, 2008

Google Earth on Apple iPhone from Apple App Store

SurayBlog has been moaning for ages that Google Earth is not available for Apple iPhone users. It seems like SurayBlog need to find something else to moan about now, as the search engine king has released a Google Earth application for both the Apple iPod and iPhone Touch.

Google Earth is a stunning piece of application program and has been tailor made to make use of the superb screen on the Apple iPhone. Google Earth is now available on the Apple App Store. Therefore, you had better get on there and download one of the best apps there is.

Google Earth iPhone software makes full use of the gadget, if you want to view the mountain terrain in landscape, just tilt your Apple iPhone. You can use the “My Location” to jump right to where you are. Moreover, you can also use Google’s search engine to find information on cities and other things.

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akangjuned said...

that was online or offline..?

Anang said...

gak kuat pulsane kang...

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