Saturday, October 25, 2008

T-Mobile G1: The World’s First Google Android Powered Cell Phone

Google has done rather better than expected with its first mobile phone. Overall, the T-Mobile G1 appears to be a highly capable cell phone that does not blow away the competition in terms of hardware or features. However, the Google Android platform is all about the software.

Well, one of the hottest gadgets in the world of cell phones has to be the T-Mobile G1, which is the world’s first Google Android powered cell phone, has arrived. This new HTC Google handset has been long waited by many people all over the world. Many experts in the cell phone industry believe that mobile phone users are now entering into a new era in the cell phone industry. Google as the search engine giant company has realized the one of the cell phone users’ greatest dreams, which is to feel the new sensation of open source technology.

According to some sources over the net, the experts believe that the screen display on Google’s handset is more fragile that Apple’s bulletproof glass. However, they do mention that it is very responsive and can still take a fair amount of abuse. Unfortunately, the T-Mobile G1 is lacking multi-touch, which is disappointing for many, but that is something that we will just have to get used too.

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