Thursday, October 16, 2008

Apple iPhone 3G vs. G1 Google Android Phone

When I read at all the reviews of the G1, the Google Android phone, most of them come to the same conclusion, the G1 has excellent software but is letdown by the hardware. Therefore, many people were asking, "how can the G1 Google Android phone expect to compete with the Apple iPhone 3G, who have got both of these areas covered?"

The G1 Google Android phone is the first handset to run on the Google Android software, and T-Mobile is all set to launch the phone on October 22. For those who can forget about the hardware's shortcomings, perhaps, the software will do more to make up for the disappointment. The Google Android software might just do enough to persuade Apple's iPhone users to switch to the G1 Google Android phone.

Perhaps, you are getting tired of the G1 Google Android phone being compared to the Apple iPhone 3G, but as that is the famous phone on the market, it is inevitable. Both have their good and bad points, the screen on the Apple iPhone 3G are superior to that of the G1 Google Android phone, whereas the use of a real keyboard is a plus for the G1 Google Android phone.

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