Thursday, October 16, 2008

Washington Replace Microsoft Office with Google Apps

It seems that things just keep getting worse for poor old Microsoft; the Government wants to ban its Microsoft Office program as much as Google Apps. Well, the Washington D.C. has decided to replace its expensive Microsoft Office program with the Google Apps.

Officially, the Washington D.C. will use Google Apps for city employees, and as in the past when Washington makes a choice, other companies usually follow. With Google Apps being used instead of the expensive Microsoft Office, Washington D.C, has cut its huge budget from $4 million to just $475,000 a year in licensing fees.

The Google Apps consists of a numerous important programs including word processing and spreadsheets. The Google’s Gmail will also be use to collect emails. Washington did not only choose Google over Microsoft for cutting its budget, using Google Apps means that new interfaces and applications can be assembled quickly on the platform.

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