Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Want To Know More about Computer

Nowadays, living the world without a computer is no differing like living in the hell. There is no doubt that having a computer is necessary today. We can gain many advantages from having it. Like me, I can browse and find any information that I want from my computer that connected to the Internet.

Here, I want to give some inputs to all of you. When we have a computer, it is necessary for us to understand any computer-related information, like maintaining, installing, upgrading, setting up the hardware, etc. We can gain that information through many websites and or blogs all over the Internet. We can gain some of the latest and interesting information about personal computers and all about them from most websites and blogs all over the Internet.

Personally, as a computer user, I do not put lots of attentions about history of [the] computer. I do not even care about computer timeline. However, I realize that reading those kind information, knowing who invented computers and modern computers are really interesting and exciting. If I am thinking again and again, without history there will be no future. That is why, I want to change, from someone who do not care about the history of computer to someone that care about the timeline of this great machine, computer.

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