Thursday, October 23, 2008

Google to Release Android Open-Source Code

Google, the Mountain View, California-based company, on Tuesday has just released the open-source code that powers its Android mobile OS and invited outside programmers to tinker with the software to develop their own features.

According to the resources over the net, the expected release of the Google Android open-source code came on the eve of the arrival in stores of the Google Android-based T-Mobile G1 phone, Internet search king Google's challenge to the hot-selling Apple iPhone.

Google unveiled its long-awaited mobile phone last month, the first of what is expected to be a generation of devices built on the Android operating platform. The Android-enabled "G Phone" can incorporate applications from any number of developers while the iPhone, for example, runs on Apple software. However, Google software faces fierce competition from the world's biggest mobile phone maker, Nokia, and its Symbian system. Moreover, U.S. software giant Microsoft also has a Windows OS for mobiles and a separate consortium is working on an open-source Linux solution.

The phones that cost $179, which is $20 cheaper than the Apple iPhone 3G, go on sale in the U.S. on Wednesday, in Britain in early November and in other European countries served by telecom carrier T-Mobile in early 2009.

The T-Mobile G1 offers many of the features of the Apple iPhone and Research in Motion's popular BlackBerry including a touch screen similar to that of the Apple iPhone, high-speed Internet browsing, a trackball for navigation, Wi-Fi, email, instant messaging and SMS texting.

Google’s ambition is to make Android as the standard OS for mobile phones and to enhance the quality of web browsing for handset users, which is aimed to drive traffic to the company's websites, so Google can earn much more money and become unbeaten company all over the Internet.

Google has already held the first of what is to be an annual "Android Developers Challenge" and given away $5 million in prize money for innovative software tailored to the platform. On the other hand, if this program has succeeded, Google will gain hundreds of million dollars in its pocket.

Google announced the Open Handset Alliance in November of last year to develop Android. It includes China Mobile, HTC, Motorola, Intel, Qualcomm, T-Mobile, LG, Telefonica and eBay.

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