Sunday, September 6, 2009

Facebook Mobile to Connect 65 Million People

Nowadays, even when you are away from your computer, you will be always able to share and connect with those that matter to you on Facebook. Facebook had that goal in mind when they launched Facebook Mobile in 2006.

Today, Facebook reached a new milestone with more than 65 million people now actively using Facebook on their mobile devices, which is a significant increase from 20 million just eight months ago.

Recently, Facebook are continuously making updates to their mobile products and working with some of the biggest names in mobile to make sure that Facebook is available on the latest devices and mobile operating systems.

Facebook Mobile first started as a simple mobile website in English with a few of the core website features built-in, such as photo uploads and status updates. Since then, Facebook have grown far beyond what was then a fairly basic mobile website. Facebook have translated the mobile website into other languages, launched Facebook SMS and deployed a wide range of applications for hundreds of mobile devices, including Facebook for iPhone, Facebook for Blackberry and Facebook for Nokia.

Below is a quick tour of all of our options for utilizing Facebook Mobile:

Text Messages

Through Facebook Mobile Texts, we can receive notifications, set our status, send, and receive messages via SMS. This service is now available on 52 operators in 25 countries, on any mobile handset.

Mobile Web Sites

Facebook has two mobile web sites:, which is designed specifically for touch screen phones like Android, Palm, iPhone and Nokia, and, which works on any mobile browser. These websites have been translated into more than 60 languages. Moreover, it allow us to update our status, browse our News Feed and our friends' Profiles, comment or "like" stories, and view or update our Facebook Page.

Facebook Mobile for Devices

Facebook applications can be found on an increasing number of mobile handsets; many come pre-installed while others can be downloaded from the Internet. The most recent Facebook mobile applications include major updates for Nokia's N97 and Nokia 5800 and Apple's iPhone. These applications make it easier to update our status, browse our News Feed, share photos and keep in contact with all our friends on Facebook wherever we are.

Also available are Facebook applications from INQ, Palm, RIM, Motorola, HTC, LG Electronics, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. There are also Facebook applications for the T-Mobile Sidekick and phones powered by Microsoft's Windows Mobile.

Facebook Connect for Mobile Web

Beginning today, we will start to see Facebook Connect available on some of our mobile sites and applications, just as we would on the Web. Already, Facebook Connect makes it easier for us to take our online identity with people all over the Web, share what we do online with our friends and stay updated on what they are doing. Soon, we will see prompts for Facebook Connect on mobile sites and applications and have the opportunity to take our Facebook profile information, friends and privacy preferences to our favorite mobile applications, as well.

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