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Yulong Coolpad Launches Coolpad N900 in China

Yulong, a mainland Chinese supplier of high-end smartphones, launched its 3G handset, the Coolpad N900. Just as Apple is about to reach an agreement on entering the China mobile phone market through cooperation with China Unicom, the new Coolpad N900 looms over the sales prospects of the Apple iPhone 3G by winning itself the title “iPhone Killer”.

Yulong Coolpad, a Shenzhen-based professional company, which specialize in research and production of high-end smartphones that offers a variety of high-end business phone products that are considered the best smartphones in the China market. Yulong introduced the first dual mode dual stand-by technology in the world in 2005. Recently, the company has deeply focused on developing the Coolpad brand, which is quickly emerging as a renowned local brand in China. The Coolpad is seen as one of the major competitors of Samsung in the high-end mobile phone market.

Yulong Coolpad is launching its freshly tuned 3G mobile phone, the Coolpad N900, with CDMA2000/GSM 3G featuring dual SIM dual stand technology that combines the stylish UI of the iPhone’s 3D Touch. Moreover, the Coolpad N900 is designed according the usage habits of Chinese customers. As a flagship 3G product promoted by China Telecom and a bestseller in China, the model is especially favored by the Chinese business elite.

Mr. Li Wang, Executive Vice President of Yulong Coolpad, commented that with more high-end business consumers using more than one mobile number, dual mode dual stand-by mobile phones are expected to become more popular. Meanwhile, younger consumers have also shown a preference for fashionable and stylish functions and have high expectations regarding the convenience of their operation experiences. The Coolpad N900, which is designed on years-long research on the usage habits of high-end consumers, not only includes the latest and coolest TOUCH operation featuring a multi-intelligent interaction experience; it also has swift handwriting input capability convenient for Chinese consumers. With comprehensive applications specifically geared towards Chinese consumers, the Coolpad N900 is unmatched in the China mobile phone market nowadays.

According to a report by Ovum, a telecommunication consulting agency, although iPhone has not officially entered China mobile phone market, over one million iPhone devices have already flowed into China through non-official channels. Besides its cool interface, Chinese consumers have not truly experienced the value-added services offered by iPhone. Moreover, the different usage habits of Chinese and Western users have impeded the using experience of Chinese mobile phone users.

CEO and President of Yulong, Mr. Guo Deying, commented, “One can interpret the Coolpad N900 as this – as fashionable as the iPhone, as professional as the BlackBerry, while at the same time, one of the most suitable mobile phones for Chinese users, all making N900 the ‘iPhone Killer’.”

Nowadays is the 3G era, in which applications of mobile phone content will become a field of major competition. However, the iPhone Appstore’s binding profit mode is facing great pressure from the Google Android camp. In China, where Chinese mobile phone users are accustomed to getting free information and applications from the Internet, iPhone’s method of charging would definitely face great challenges.

According to research done by Analysys on usage habits in Chinese mobile phone market, more than 70% of users prefer downloading products and applications for free. Yulong Coolpad offers a free software shop for the Coolpad N900 that clearly caters to the Internet usage habits of Chinese users. On the other hand, compared with the iPhone, which charges fees, the Coolpad N900 Coolmart that offers products free of charge, has a better bargaining position in the Chinese mobile phone market.

Last but not least, positioned as a major competitor of the iPhone, the Coolpad N900 is expected to take away a fair share of the smartphone market, especially with the iPhone facing a tough entry to the Japanese market, which foreshadows the challenges of foreign brands entering into highly localized markets, such as China.

SOURCE Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

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